Jai Hanuman Puja

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Jai Hanuman Puja

Hanuman ji is well known for his hidden strength and Ram Bhakti, People who swear by his devotion remain happy and contented always. Worshipping Hanumanji involves reading his Hanuman Chalisa religiously and a few important rituals like applying Sindoor on his Tail to accomplish hearts desire.

Special Ways To Overcome From Problems By Hanuman Pooja:

  • Hanuman pooja can be performed by placing a Hanuman deity on a red cloth kept on a platform. As we worship put vermillion on Hanuman Murti as well as on our forehead. A diya has to be kept lighted in front of the deity.
  • Also keep pouring panchamrit and pure water on the deity of Lord Hanuman. Take some water in hand and think of a wish that has to be fulfilled and pray to the lord. It is very important during the puja to have chaste mind and good thoughts.
  • On Saturdays to worship lord hanuman, bath with sesame seeds on the head, go to hanuman temple and leave sesame, sugar and red gram (pigeon pea) do it for 11 weeks and you will see a real miracle by turn out of your problems.
  • If you are said to be affected by shani dasha, then praying hanuman is beneficial. Even if you are advised to wear a blue sapphire an astrological gemstone, still consider hanuman worship for remedy.
  • It is quite safer to worship than go for a gemstone directly on advice. Those having weak sun preferring to wear ruby stone can also pray to lord hanuman.


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