Lord Krishna Puja

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Lord Krishna Puja

Shri Krishna is known as the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The influence of Krishna is worldwide and there are millions of followers who have dedicated their lives to Lord Krishna.

Laddoo Gopal :If you have desire to earn money then you have to worship lord Krishna who has keep laddoo in his hand. You have to set the image of Krishna on green cloth or round cloth. You have to worship on Wednesday. You have to worship by offering candles and light. You have to offer white sandal and kheer in dainty. You have to say 'Om Sam Ke Klim Krishnaye Namah'.

Relationship problems need Krishna Prayers to go smooth. If you are facing problem like lost your love, restoring a loving relationship, Separation divorce & Miss-understanding, Marriage etc Shri Krishna prayers needs to be performed using strict rituals

The oneness of both the deities can be witnessed from the fact that the deities have the same 'beej mantra' Kleem' that refers to component of 'prakriti'. Shri Krishna is very loving and kind to his devotees. Recitation of 108 names of Lord Krishna known as Krishna Astotra Shatnaam Stora and Gopal Hriday Sutra are done to worship him.

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